Urban Air Mobility & Drones

Automated monitoring and
control of ice formation

Best UAS/UAM performance
in any weather

Full control – even
when flying out of sight

Icing affects performance and safety

There is enormous potential in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and urban air mobility solutions. However, efficient and safe operation of these innovative aircraft is closely linked to weather conditions: Atmospheric icing is unpredictable – and so there is always a risk that the wings and rotor blades will ice up during flight. Icing not only limits flight performance, but can also lead to loss of flight control.

Our solution warns and protects against icing

Coldsense offers modular solutions consisting of weather forecasting, ice detection, water-repellent surface coatings and intelligent de-icing systems that ensure safety during every phase of flight. Onboard components are designed to be small, lightweight and energy-efficient so they do not impact flight performance.
We also support aircraft manufacturers in managing icing issues: We analyze the status quo, perform numerical simulations of aerodynamics, multiphase flows and icing, and test products in icing wind tunnels.

Our solution warns and protects against icing

Your advantages at a glance

No icing
No more icy wings, rotor blades
or instrumentation
Safe flights
Safety in extreme weather conditions
Legal compliance
Compliance with the legal framework

Application areas


Coldsense technologies are suitable for remotely piloted and autonomous aircraft of any purpose – from passenger and cargo transport, geodetic surveying and conservation to science, research and industrial applications.

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