AI-controlled defrosting of cold rooms

Up to 20% less power consumption – better CO2 footprint – higher product safety

Not your branch? We can do even more!

AI-controlled defrosting of cold rooms

Up to 20% less power consumption – better CO2 footprint – higher product safety

Not your branch? We can do even more!

We ensure a fail-safe performance of your cold storage facility and increase its energy efficiency

Do you want to reduce electricity costs for your cold storage? Do you want to reliably prevent icing-related malfunctions and failures of your refrigeration system? Then we have the right solution for you!

System solution consisting of sensors and AI

Coldsense combines ice sensors, door sensors and environmental sensors with supervised learning methods to control the defrosting of the cold room according to the actual operating status. This means that defrosting only takes place when it is really necessary – and that saves a lot of energy.
No ice formation
Reliable icing protection of all components
lower electricity costs
Optimized defrosting through real-time monitoring of the refrigeration system
Monthly reports

Key figures on energy and CO2 savings, temperature stability, etc.

Our system solution enables automated monitoring of ice buildup directly at the evaporator of the refrigeration unit for the first time. The sensor we developed measures how the ice grows and melts so that defrosting can be started and stopped with pinpoint accuracy.

Artificial intelligence on board
Thanks to modern algorithms and artificial intelligence, our system also evaluates irregularly incoming goods, moisture input, door movements and other environmental factors to further optimize the defrosting of the cold room.
Also possible: coupling defrosting with other energy generators to save even more electricity.

Just-in-time defrosting of cold room

Example calculation: how to save money with AI-controlled defrosting

Coldsense technologies are suitable for refrigeration systems of any type and in any industrial context – from the food sector to low-temperature applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors to climate chamber applications in the automotive industry. The basic Coldsense principle is always the same and can be applied to any application. We carry out both the retrofitting of existing plants and the implementation in new plants. The use of Coldsense technologies pays off quickly.
Cold store with freezers, cold and cold rooms, the total cooling capacity of 304 kW
Electrical connected load of the refrigeration plant: 92 kW.
Efficiency increase of the refrigeration plant due to our technology: 20,3%
Annual electricity savings: 163,602 kWh

Our approach step by step

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Step 1: Getting to know you
We visit your cold rooms on-site and analyze your needs. For the analysis, we need as accurate a picture as possible of the current situation. That’s why we take the time for a detailed discussion, in which we discuss all technical and business details of the cold storage rooms. We will also introduce you to the operating principle of AI-controlled defrosting and explain how Coldsense technology can be integrated into your refrigeration system.
Step 2: Consumption analysis, project planning and presentation

As a follow-up, we analyze the refrigeration technology installed in your plant. In doing so, we consider the following questions, among others:

  • How many heat exchangers with which cooling capacity are installed?
  • How often are they defrosted and which defrosting technology is used (electric, hot gas, circulating air, etc.)?
  • Which compressors are installed and how often are they used?
  • Which electricity tariff do you have? How high is the electricity consumption?
  • What kind of technology package can Coldsense contribute in order to reduce energy consumption?
  • What savings can Coldsense actually achieve in a specific case?
  • Business analysis: costs vs savings, payback period and funding opportunities

We present the results of the analysis on-site at your company.

Step 3: Implementation
We customize the technology package and, depending on the customer’s requirements, the cabling, create an installation plan and discuss it with you.

Then we deliver the technical package. The installation of the technical components is carried out by your plant engineer, your own team or, if you wish, by Coldsense. We then perform on-site commissioning. This includes, among other things, the testing of the installed sensors, the installation of the control technology and AI software, as well as functional tests.

Step 4: Further support: the learning phase and monthly reporting.
Our data engineering team analyzes the data collected via sensors and monitors the learning of AI intelligence. After about three months, the learning phase is completed and the controller is activated.

You receive monthly reports documenting your savings from Coldsense technology. Upon customer request, we can extend our service package with extensive additional services, such as:

A well-rounded solution: Our technology and service package

Our system solution is based on a combination of hardware (technology) and data-based services (service). The technology package includes all sensors and materials required for monitoring and intelligent control of the refrigeration system. The service package includes the refinement, analysis and interpretation of the acquired sensor data.

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Awards and sponsorships

Coldsense does excellent work – as the following award impressively proves:


innovate! is considered the most prestigious award for startups that transform the food industry with disruptive ideas. Coldsense received the nomination in 2020 for its automated ice detection and defrosting equipment for refrigeration machines, which reliably prevents the interruption of the cold chain that is so dangerous for the food industry.

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