Ice prevention

Innovative surface coating with ice-repellent effect

Less ice adhesion

With our anti-stick coating, you increase the efficiency of your equipment and systems and protect them from mechanical damage caused by icing. Furthermore, it improves the efficiency of de-icing systems: Less ice and hoar frost settle on the coated surfaces – so less heating power is needed to keep your application free of ice. You can significantly reduce your electricity costs or implement more economical de-icing systems.

Advantages of our non-stick coating

  • NPassive solution
We use passive coatings that work without a power supply. So you can expect no hidden costs that make it unprofitable to use.
  • NReaches every angle
Our non-stick coating can be applied by spray to hard-to-reach places that de-icing systems can’t reach.
  • NNo chemistry
Our solution does not require the use of chemicals. Therefore, you don’t need to implement any costly work or environmental protection measures.

How it works

Coldsense applies water-repellent (superhydrophobic) microstructures to the surfaces of your components. In doing so, we make use of the lotus effect known from biology: The leaves of some plants are covered with micro- or nanostructured surfaces from which water droplets simply roll off or slide instead of settling. The non-stick coatings produced using a laser-based process have the same effect: The wettability of the component surfaces – and consequently the formation of ice – is significantly reduced.


Flexible coating materials

The big challenge with non-stick coatings is choosing the right coating material. There is no pro forma solution here, because there are different parameters behind every application. That is why Coldsense adapts the non-stick coating individually to the respective application. Depending on the ambient temperature, humidity, droplet size, installation space, component material, geometry, etc., we use polymer-based adhesive films and spray paint, among others. These novel materials are modified to create a water-repellent micro- or nanostructure. A major advantage for the user is that the novel non-stick coatings can be applied quickly and easily – even to equipment and systems that are already in operation.

Wide range of applications

Our surface coatings are of interest for all technical applications where you want to avoid or reduce ice buildup – especially when no power source is available for active deicing.

The coating can be used to protect drip pans and drainage channels of refrigeration systems and climate chambers from icing, as well as the rotor blades, nacelles and instrumentation of wind turbines. Coating rotors, wings and measuring instruments of aircraft also proves useful.

Modularly expandable

You can combine our anti-ice coating with our products for ice prediction, ice detection and automatic de-icing. This gives you an integrated system solution that optimally supports you in improving the performance of your application.

Further solutions against icing problems

Further solutions against icing problems

Ice prediction

Precise risk assessment using artificial intelligence.

Ice detection

Fully automatic early detection of ice formation with alarm function.


Ice prediction, real-time detection and automatic de-icing