We offer customized, retrofit system solutions for early detection, detection, prevention and removal of ice.

Ice prediction

Accurate risk assessment of icing using artificial intelligence.

  • NEchtzeit-Berechnung
  • NVor-Ort-Teaching
  • NHohe Zuverlässigkeit

Ice detection

Automatic early detection of ice formation with alarm function.

  • NRobust, überall einsetzbar
  • NBig-Data-Prinzip
  • NSchnelle Montage

Ice prevention

Innovative surface coating with ice repelling effect.

  • NPassive Lösung
  • NErreicht jeden Winkel
  • NKeine Chemie


Ice prediction, real-time detection and automatic de-icing. 

  • NFür jedes Objekt geeignet
  • NErprobte Technologie
  • NFrei von Chemikalien


Within the framework of research and development projects, we solve refrigeration and icing-related problems for you.


In-depth icing know-how for the improvement of
products, equipment and system technology.


Software-supported validation and optimization of icing-prone objects.


Icing tests in ice wind tunnels, climate chambers and on-site at production facilities.